Easy Pay

Last update - 20.02.2017

Easy Pay LLC, operating as a PSO, was founded in April, 2014 (CBA license No. 17 from 04.11.2014, certified with ISO 27001 standard in 2016).

The company has already installed over 700 terminals with 100 payments throughout the Republic of Armenia.

Currently, organizations and institutions from different sectors have already joined the payment system of Easy Pay LLC:

- State institutions;
- Financial institutions: credit organizations, banks, insurance companies;
- Mobile operators;
- Internet providers;
- Companies operating in various industries.

The company distributed payment terminals in different divisions and offices of aforementioned establishments: offices, shopping centers, lively streets of Yerevan and marzes, providing access throughout Armenia.

Easy Pay undertakes regular updates in the system to ensure fast and convenient service.

Mission of Easy Pay

- Provide payment and settlement services, ensuring the simplest, fastest and the most available payment process;
- Launch modern and technologically compatible tools;
- Carry out maintenance of payment tools and instruments, as well as expand the range of services, based on international experience.

Collaboration of Easy Pay LLC with banks

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- loan repayments
- bank account replenishment
- card replenishment
- deposit replenishment

On the other hand, engagement of Easy Pay terminals in their branch network enables banks to

- reduce queues
- improve quality of services
- reduce service cost price

With network of more than 700 terminals, Easy Pay LLC serves more than 1 million customers per month.

Address 8/171 Adontsi, Yerevan, 0014, RA
Phone (011) 26 10 11, (011) 247 247
Email info@easypay.am
Website http://www.easypay.am/