Last update - 16.05.2017

ARMSWISSBANK CJSC was founded on October 7, 2004, with Swiss capital (Banking license N84 issued by the Central Bank of Armenia on 25.02.2005).

Founder, owner and CEO of “Franck Muller Watchland” Swiss watchmaking company Vartan Sirmakes is the Bank’s founder and main shareholder (80%). 20% of the Bank’s ordinary shares belong to “Belegingsmachepij Jongo” LLC.

At the same time, Vartan Sirmakes is an indirect and significant participant in ARMSWISSBANK.

In 2007, the Central Bank granted ARMSWISSBANK licenses for brokerage and custody activities (Brokerage Activity License NBG0064; Custody Activity License NPG0065).

The bank operates in the spheres of corporate and investment banking, investing in internationally accepted private banking technologies. The Bank does not provide retail banking services.

Corporate banking includes not only traditional services, but also non-traditional services, such as alternative financing, derivative instruments (forward, swap), factoring, financial consulting and other services.

The bank also performs operations with gold bullions on contract basis at international prices.

Investment banking includes a wide range of services in debt instruments and other securities both in the local and foreign markets – from creation of individual, collective and other securities portfolios to brokerage and custody services and consulting on investment operations.

The bank holds the status of Agent in government bond market and acts as a market-maker of securities issued by its customers.
The bank offers securities underwriting services for its corporate clients.

The bank is connected to local and international payment and information systems such as BankMail, CBANet, SWIFT, Bloomberg and Reuters, and has membership in different associations and specialized organizations.

The bank has 112 employees.

As of March 31, 2017, the total capital of the bank is AMD 30,119,213 thousand, assets – AMD 140,652,232 thousand, liabilities – AMD 110,533,019 thousand.

Executive Director Gevorg Machanyan
Address 10 Vazgen Sargsyan str, Yerevan 0010, Armenia
Phone (010)58 44 19, (010)52 95 93, (010)54 07 28, (010)54 07 36, (010)54 07 51
Fax (010)52 95 91