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Artsakhbank, CJSC, (hereinafter referred to as Bank) was established on February 12, 1996 on the basis of the NKR Central Bank and Savingsbank. It is the only resident bank of Armenia that operates both in Armenia and throughout Nagorno Karabakh considering its mission to assist in economically effective social programmes implementation, middle and small entrepreneurship establishment and its further development.

Artsakhbank is a universal bank: it offers a wide range of products, presented in the financial market. In Nagorno Karabakh it also serves the state budget of the NKR, as well as the Government and other state agencies.

Bank is a shareholder of Armenian Card, CJSC, and an affiliate member of ArCa national payment system, MasterCard International payment system. Also, the Bank is a member of SWIFT international money transfer system (since 2003), serves money transfers through HEXAGON (HSBC bank), TELEX and money transfer system of SBERBANK, as well as world-wide account-free transfer systems for individuals, such as MoneyGram, ANELIK, Unistream, Avers, Быстрая почта.

At present, the Bank has 22 branches, of which 15perform throughout Nagorno Karabakh and 7 in Yerevan.

As at April 1, 2015 the Bank serves 58 473 customers, of which 56 235 are individuals.

The Bank has 556 employees, as at April 1, 2015.

As of June 30, 2016, the total capital of the bank is AMD 12,439,688 thousand, assets – AMD 90,285,974 thousand, liabilities – AMD 77,846,286 thousand.

CEO-Executive Board Chairman Artur Mkhitaryan
Address 3, Kievyan Str., Yerevan 0028, Republic of Armenia
Phone (010)22-07-43, (010)22-07-63, (010)22-07-34,

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