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Kamurj UCO supports 405 borrowers from bordering communities in 2016

 Friday 17 March 2017
Photo: Kamurj

It has been 3 years, that Kamurj UCO supports the residents of bordering communities, providing them with the privileges for nearly all loan types of the company.

About 30 borrowers from bordering communities of Tavush and Vayots Dzor marzes currently make use of the company’s almost all loan types, without providing and service fees and with lowered interest rates.

Being a socially responsible company, Kamurj UCO always prioritizes problems, relating to the improvement of social and economic state of vulnerable groups of population. The population of bordering communities is one of the most important guarantees for the border security of our country, and all of us should do our best to support them.

“A decision was made in August of 2014, according to which the loans have been given to bordering communities without service and providing fees and with lowered interest rates. This step received a great feedback and was positively estimated by the residents of the bordering communities,” Marketing, PR and Advertisement department of Kamurj UCO noted.

The company remarked that more than AMD 344 mln loans with preferential terms were provided to 405 borrowers in 2016.

“We will further continue to support the residents of bordering communities by initiating moves, which will contribute to the development of bordering communities,” Kamurj UCO summarized.

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