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Armenia to prepare draft law on criminalization of unlawful enrichment

 Thursday 03 November 2016
Photo: Press service of the Armenian government

Prime Minister of Armenia Karen Karapetyan gave instructions regarding the fight against corruption at the Government session today.

In particular, Prime Minister instructed the Minister of Justice to prepare in two weeks a draft law on unlawful enrichment, which would make it a criminal offense for officials to have a substantial growth of assets that contradicts their legal income.

“The so-called fake loans and benefactions mainly occur through cash transactions, making the process uncontrollable principally. In many cases it is not clear if the person mentioned on the declaration received the loan mentioned on the declaration. In order to solve this problem, I instruct Armenian Minister of Justice and the Central Bank of Armenia to prepare in two weeks the draft law on limitations to cash transactions,” Prime Minister said.

The next instruction concerns improvement of the specialized anti-corruption agency. Karen Karapetyan said that he attaches importance to enlargement of power of the Commission on Ethics of High-Ranking Officials of Armenia.

“It is necessary to make the activity of law enforcement agencies, dealing with corruption crimes, as accountable as possible. For this purpose we should adopt a law that would demand that these agencies provie annual public reports on their actions against corruption,” Prime Minister said and instructed the Minister of Justice to prepare a corresponding draft law.

Prime Minister gave one more instruction regarding expansion of the group of persons who are obliged to provide income declaration.

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