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Beeline ceases payment through payment terminals

 Wednesday 15 February 2017
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Beeline announced today that the company ceased payment for services through TelCell, Idram and EasyPay payment terminals from 16 February 2017.

“The reason is the unequal commission policy of the mentioned companies towards Beeline clients. Payments for mobile services of other operators, starting from AMD 1001, are received without additional commission, while Beeline mobile subscribers pay without commission only starting from AMD 10 000 in TelCell, Idram and EasyPay.

Beeline’s offer to work on equal market terms with other operators and cancel the commission for payments of AMD 1000 and more was denied, and for this reason, the company has to take measures to protect the interests of itself and its subscribers.

Beeline apologizes for the inconvenience and informs that customers can pay for services without commission in our sales offices, at banks, on our website www.beeline.am and in Beeline Armenia mobile app.

It should be noted that Beeline is working on reaching a fair agreement with payment systems. The company is open to dialogue and considers the priority to be provision of equal and fair treatment to its customers,” the company’s statement reads.

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