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Unibank to automate processing of customers’ applications

 Monday 06 February 2017

Unibank has launched automation and centralization of the procedure of processing customers’ applications on the basis of the CRM-system, developed by Protobase Laboratories.

The bank informed that the new system for processing customers’ applications will allow Unibank to create a consolidated information database, improve the efficiency of collective work and customer feedback in a short period of time and with least expenses.

The CRM system not only accumulates information, but also allows the bank’s subdivisions to cooperate in a coordinated manner and track the work process.

“One of the main benefits of using CRM-system is a significant reduction of time in terms of handling various types of applications such as statements, claims and complaints, and increasing customers’ satisfaction level and loyalty towards the bank. By using the analytical information, the bank will be able to identify and remove the grounds of customers’ complaints, which is a top priority for the retail-oriented bank in terms of improving customer service,” the message reads.

The bank remarked that CRM-system will accept customers’ applications via all the channels of communication: call-center, the bank’s websites, e-mail, social networks, as well as written responds, received by the bank’s branches.

The system is currently in the testing phase and will be put into operation in February 2017.

“Unibank has actively been investing in IT sphere concurrently with the business development. Dynamic progress of the retail business, expansion of the branch network and the continuous introduction of new services and solutions arise the necessity of increasing capacities and ensuring stable operation of the IT infrastructure in all the business processes,” the message outlines.

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