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Ruben Vardanyan: Technological revolution changes everything

 Monday 21 November 2016
Ruben Vardanyan
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Ruben Vardanyan


Entrepreneur and philanthropist Ruben Vardanyan thinks that modern technological revolution “is about to bring serious changes in social, political, education and other sectors.”

“While “geographic revolution” brought to Renaissance and then to industrial revolution, now we are experiencing technological revolution. The whole vision of the world, which once seemed so inviolable, is now full of doubts. For instance, who knows what Uber’s activity will bring about, which provides jobs for millions of private drivers without having or even producing a single car?  Especially given that self-driving cars will appear in a few years? Same thing for Google and Facebook. I am not speaking about whether everyone will move to these platforms or not, about virtual technologies or the possibilities of their application in education, medicine, science, household. The issue here is that this entails qualitative changes in system of interrelation, interaction process, public institutions and all the rest,” Ruben Vardanyan told in an interview (in Russian) to TASS.

“Development of technologies implies social stratification growth on the one hand and advance of interrelations on the other: technological, informative. What does this mean? There are about 200 recognized states in the world nowadays, about 50 of which are considered to be prosperous. Other ¾ are in the category of so called “developing countries”. Residents of the leading countries did not think much about this before, while we cannot assume today that problems of other people on these Earth are not our business. Thus, there are no gaps on Earth; the world is interconnected now, and whatever happens in problematic zones, influences us as well. It seems to us that the issue with refugees in military conflict zones is utterly serious, while if temperature on Earth raises even a degree, tens of millions of people from Africa and Middle East will rush to Europe. The number in this case would be several times higher than that of refugees from Syria and Iraq. Migration waves will overwhelm not only Europe, this will affect everyone. That is why polarization of the world processes will accelerate: everyone understands interdependence will only increase on the one hand and more people, cared of changes, will emerge on the other. They vote for Brexit, for Trump... Advance of isolationist and nationalistic politics is underway. This is people’s natural reaction to changes,” Ruben Vardanyan said.

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