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"Technocrats" Arakelyan, Manukyan and Martirosyan

 Tuesday 20 September 2016
Ignaty (Igor) Arakelyan
Photo: Yerevan Brandy Company

Ignaty (Igor) Arakelyan


The Ministers, appointed today in the Armenian Government, could be considered "technocrats”.

Minister of Agriculture Ignaty (Igor) Arakelyan has worked as COO of Yerevan Brandy Company in recent years.

Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Ashot Manukyan held the position of General Manager at Hrazdan Energy Company in recent years.

He worked as Chief of Government Staff in Armen Darbinyan’s Government (1998-1999), and later took the position of Deputy Director for Finance at the Public TV Company of Armenia.

Minster of Transport and Communication Vahan Martirosyan held a senior position at GNC-ALFA, which represents Rostelecom brand in Armenia.

Of all the newly appointed Ministers, only Vardan Aramyan - now Minister of Finance - worked in the Governemnt in recent years. He used to be Deputy Minister of Finance before the appointment to the position of First Deputy Chief of Presidential Staff.

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