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Armenian Prime Minister gives first instructions

 Thursday 15 September 2016
Karen Karapetyan
Photo: PAN Photo

Karen Karapetyan


The Armenian Government session today began with two instructions from newly appointed Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan, which drew corresponding agencies’ attention to gas and energy prices and tax inspection policy.

“There is much talk these days about the fight against corruption. According commissions are being organized to coordinate the efforts,” Karen Karapetyan said.

Addressing Head of Armenian State Revenue Committee of Customs Service Hovik Hovsepyan, Karen Karapetyan instructed to hold tax inspections in small and medium enterprises only in extreme cases.

“Our departments should exercise their according functions first and foremost, ensuring that dishonest and privileged large manufacturers strictly adhere to the mandatory order. Tax inspections should be carried out only in the entities considered risky. The Committee should inspect SMEs only in extreme cases, and ensure the absence of subjectivity in customs officers and transparency in procedures,” Prime Minister said, stressing that this instruction has to be implemented without any restrictions to the daily work of businesses.

Karen Karapetyan’s second instruction was directed at the revision of gas and energy price policy. Prime Minister addressed Chairman of the Public Services Regulatory Commission of Armenia, as well as Minister of Labor and Social Affairs and Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, instructing them to hold a joint discussion and present suggestions for the revision of gas and energy price policy.

“We have to lower the prices for socially disadvantaged groups of the society as much as possible on the expense of other consumers, and ensure the incentive effect of prices on business, especially agricultural and recycling industries,” Prime Minister noted.

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