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Prometey Bank customers can now change card PIN code via ATM

 Wednesday 14 September 2016
Photo: Prometey Bank

From now on, payment card PIN code can be changed via any Prometey Bank ATM.

The bank informed that to accomplish a PIN code change, the customer should enter the payment card into any ATM of the Bank, enter the valid PIN code of the card, select “Additional services” section, choose “Change PIN Code” option, enter a new four-digit PIN code and then confirm the new PIN code.

For sеcurity reasons, the bank recommends to be guided by the following rules, when changing the PIN code:

1.    Do not choose a too simple new PIN code, for example - a combination of following numbers (1234) or repeating numbers (1111);
2.    Do not use cardholder’s birth year as PIN code;
3.    In case of having several cards, do not choose the same PIN code for all of them;
4.    Maintain confidentiality of the new PIN code.

Owing to this service, payment card use became safer and more convenient for the bank’s customers. Bank cardholders can access the service without quantitative limit and without any commissions.

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